This page contains some important and not-so-important answers to questions you may have.

How come no one told me you were getting married?
If you didn't know we're getting married, what are you doing on this website? =)

Do we have to stay at one of the hotels listed on the Hotels page?
Nope, absolutely not. You can stay anywhere you want. Fortunately, Las Vegas has more than a couple choices for accommodations. That being said, most people will be staying at Luxor.

Where will the actual wedding be?
Our first choice was a drive-through, but it was already booked. So, instead, the festivities will be take place at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

I am still fighting off the hangover from the engagement party. Will there be more booze at the wedding?
Yes. Obviously. (Sorry about the hangover!)

What wedding related activities are planned?
There is an out-of-towners dinner on Saturday (sorry to all the Nevada locals who aren't allowed to attend) and the wedding on Sunday. Other than that, you can explore everything Vegas has to offer on your own.

When should I arrive and leave Las Vegas?
That is entirely up to you. Many people will be coming Thursday night and leaving on Monday (Note: Monday is a holiday in Canada). But, it's your vacation so you can choose! ... Try to be there Sunday for the wedding!

Is there a certain flight I should be taking?
You can choose any flight you want from any airline you want. You may want to visit sites like,,, or to search for fares. Some people may also be departing from Buffalo to get a lower rate.

Can I drive to the wedding?
Sure, if you really want to. Click here for Map Quest directions. Please make sure to budget the 34 hours it will take to get there so you are not late.

What were some of the best RSVP responses from the engagement party?
While we had a lot of really great comments, here are a couple that stood out:

"We will not be attending the engagement, and it has nothing to do with my being out of the country, it's because it's my protest that Michelle can do better."
-- Jeff Borsuk and Dahlia Levitin

"True Love is like the end of a Burko Party; you feel full, happy and intoxicated and want nothing more than for it to last forever."
-- Aubrey Stork

"If we don't get a better offer we will be there!"
-- David Brinder and Jennifer Peters

"Mothers lock up your daughters. Darren and Dana are coming to town."
-- Darren Abenstein and Dana Levit

What is the dress code at the wedding?
Dress to impress. What does that mean? Well, get dressed and look in the mirror. If you say "WOW, I look impressive" then you're probably in good shape. If you look in the mirror and say "blah", well, try on something else!

I am going to see a show on Saturday night. Is it OK if I miss the "Out-of-Towners Dinner"?
That is no problem at all. Enjoy the show! Click here for a list of shows happening in Vegas.

What time is the wedding starting on Sunday?
All the festivities will begin at around 8:00pm.

Will there be any surprises at the wedding?
Yes, the following surprises will occur:
Surprise...We're not telling you anything!

Is there somewhere I can watch the proposal video?
Sure! Click here to download the live proposal video.

Is there somewhere I can see the Engagement website?
Yep, just go to

I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?
Begin by panicking. Then, once you are calm, click here to email us.